We would like to introduce our new MNC Loyalty Rewards Program!

To reward all of our loyal customers, you can now earn valuable points for every dollar you spend, and earn extra points when you do the check list below on your MNC Loyalty Rewards account.

How to earn points:

♦ Sign up to earn 200 bonus points for free!

♦ Enter your birthday in your account to earn 200 bonus points for free!

♦ Every Dollar spent to earn 2 points.

♦ Like Marie Nicole Clothing‘s Facebook Page to earn 50 points.

♦ Share Marie Nicole Clothing on Facebook to earn 50 points.

♦ Like Marie Nicole Clothing on Instagram to earn 50 points.

♦ Share Marie Nicole Clothing on Twitter to earn 50 points.

♦ Earn an extra 500 points when you share your coupon code with each of your friends, and the code is used. Each friend gets $5.00 off their purchase. (No maximum.) 

How to spend points:

♦ 500 points = $5.00 coupon code.

♦ 1000 points = $10.00 coupon code.

♦ 1500 points = $15.00 coupon code.

♦ 2000 points = $20.00 coupon code.

♦ 3000 points = $35.00 coupon code.

♦ 4000 points = $50.00 coupon code.

You can check your points balance and much more by visiting

• Please click the MNC Loyalty Rewards box showing on right of our website to open the rewards program.

• All points earned will not be redeemable within 20 days.

You will receive an email when you sign up on MNC, when you successfully share your code to your friends, and every time you redeem your points. 

Good Luck!
Marie Nicole Clothing